9th August, 2018

The first assurance that you are going to get from R7 Interiors for designing 2 BHK INTERIORS, that your work done as close to perfection as possible is when you see our team working as if it was they were working on their own homes. These are the people who would make your Interiors unique, special and inimitable.

Our designers do in such a way that never is it possible that any two of our designs would be remotely alike to each other. It is an art, to get it done with amazing finish. That is what we present you with

We design as hard as we can to get you your dream home design that you would love to be working in. once the design is done; we make it go through an inspection, to examine it. Our team inspects every single piece thoroughly and looks for the defects that would not be seen with the naked eye. Our team takes pride in getting their design done with extreme finesse to satisfy our customers

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